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If he's as bad as they say, then I guess I'm cursed looking into his eyes, I think he's already hurt
Cassius Knightley

The road so far

w trakcie

3. anybody call a doctor, i'm a thousand degrees in love z Walter Wainwright
7. prawa ręka na czerwone z Bruce Coleridge


1. all i have to offer you (is me) z Bruce Coleridge
2. hello from the other side z Diane Mason
4. what's more romantic than being kidnapped? z Bruce Coleridge
5. brown guilty eyes and little white lies z Bruce Coleridge
6. they're teaching me to kill but who’s teaching me to love? z Bruce Coleridge

sad ghost club
SUPER-MULTI-INATOR (benjamin, dante, monty, othello, pericles, vincent, jude, leon)