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23 yo — 163 cm
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Trochę neurotyczna i roztrzepana dziennikarka śledcza wannabe, która niedawno rozpczęła staż w The Cairns Post. Po godzinach zajmuje się wolontariatem w Wildlife Sanctuary. Mieszka ze współlokatorami na farmie i udaje, że chata wcale im się nie rozwala!
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Zeta Corrente - and i think you should be somethin' i don't wanna hold back
Feraye Beardsley - the one when harper gets inspired (retro)
Jayanti Wyland - divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood
Morgan Adler - the night is still young, and so are we!
Sage Gilmore - eat, sleep, party, repeat
Amalthea M. Henderson - schronisko dla zwierząt
Leif Ingham - hey, stranger, take a step back
Rosie Donoghue - fine wine and good spirits
Nico Tribbiani - kiedy diabeł przychodzi pod drzwi
Raine Barlowe - kuranda cycle hire
Melis Huntington - so when you're near me darling, can't you hear me? sos
Audrey Bree Clark - baby on board
Scarlet Callaway - i'm singin' in the rain
Jackson Hargreeves - hey, why don't you go down to the supermarket
Otis Goldsworthy - okay, this is gonna be awkward
Janelle Reddick - pomogę ci, tylko nie mów siostrze
Raine Barlowe - i'm a villain by the devil's law!
Vanessa Corrente - o dwóch takich, co żadnej pracy się nie boją
Otis Goldsworthy - 04. there’s thing called life
Blair Emerson - no way home
Rodzina Callaway - a place where even if there's no closure, i'm still safe
Mathilde Bennett - hey little sweetheart!
Janelle Reddick - we crush it
Salvador Callaway - the magic thing about home is...
Diane Mason - you're defo my fella... or sth
Tate Callaway & Jenny Callaway - hi mom, be my... our guest
Colton Brooks - szatański plan jest dobry, bo jest dobry i szatański
Ezra Brooks - take your pants off and strike a pose
Lowrenn Fitzgerald - it's not that big!
Nico Tribbiani - maybe just stand on my rooftop and jump
Event - Impreza Halloweenowa - truth or dare
Jackson Hargreeves - time is running, clock is ticking
Nico Tribbiani - hello hitchhiker, want a ride?
Scarlet Callaway - all i want for christmas is to be a part of conspiracy
Camelia Gilmore - venus embrace

Jackson Hargreeves - hi little creep (just. kidding)
Zeta Corrente - really wrong time and really wrong place, kid
Rosie Shaughnessy - i'm here to help you
Claire Buxton - gossip girls
Raine Barlowe - is it too late to say sorry?
Event - impreza urdzinowa Harper - salon
Claire Buxton, Ace Montgomery - if you playing me that mean...
Nico Tribbiani - whatevs
Scarlet Callaway - targ
Nico Tribbiani - whatevs 2.0
Annie Halsworth-Callaway - i've seen you in action, so what's the problem now?
Colton Brooks - distance means so little when someone means so much
Vanessa Corrente - can anyone pause this game
Nico Tribbiani - hello my name is harper and i'm gonna hit you by my car
Claire Buxton - my summer wine is really made from all these things
Nico Tribbiani - just like kids
Nico Tribbiani - my bum bum
Nico Tribbiani - let me see your wounds
Diane Mason - but there’s one sound that no one knows...
Nico Tribbiani - release your inner animal
Nico Tribbiani - show me your buns
Nico Tribbiani - yup, i'm going back to the dating market
Elora Brassington - #3 painting and stuff
Noah Crawford - is that a red kangaroo ? i hope not!
Finley Goldsworthy - babskie sprawy
Phoenix Hirsch - cruel summer (2020)
Raine Barlowe - it's been a long winter without you, my friend
Jackie Kennedy - skatepark
Maggie Callaway - walking down the memory lane
Mathilde Bennett - hello again my dear
Blair Emerson - cheers!